STC Dual Credit and Summer Classes Information

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Dual and Summer Programs
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Who may participate in the Dual Credit Program?

Students can start as early as the spring semester of their 9th-grade year in high school.

Will the Credit(s) earned at South Texas College transfer to other institutions?

All core curriculum courses have been converted to ensure that if you decide to leave for another institution, your credits may transfer. To see if a course will transfer to a college or university in Texas, visit

For information regarding transferability of courses to institutions outside of Texas, students should check with the institution receiving the credit.

How many College courses may a high school student take?

High School Seniors and Juniors are allowed to take up to 16 credit hours per semester. Freshmen and Sophomores are limited to two courses per semester.

How much will it cost to take classes at South Texas College?

Tuition is waived for dual credit courses that take place at your high school.

Can I take courses independently at South Texas College?

Students may take courses independently from their high school at South Texas College. In-District (Starr and Hidalgo County) Dual Credit Students pay $50.00 per credit hour + fees, Out-of-District students pay $78.00 per credit hour + fees. These fees do not include the cost for additional resources such as books and supplies.

Students requesting to be registered for courses at a South Texas College campus must provide documentation of Bacterial Meningitis vaccination records by the College’s first class day. For more information please visit the following website:

As a dual credit student am I allowed to take online courses?

Yes, please be aware that courses taken online are considered independent courses and you may be liable for any applicable fees.

How can I drop/withdraw from my course(s)?

To be dropped/withdrawn from your class(es) visit your high school counselor. Dropping a course is the responsibility of the student and not taking the appropriate steps may result in an "F" for the course.

  • Request to be removed from a course before the college census deadline (Drop) will not remain on your official college transcript.
  • Request to be removed from a course after the college census deadline and up until the last day to withdraw will be marked as a “W” on your official college transcript.

Visit the South Texas College academic calendar to view the deadlines for each semester.

Can parents request course progress and grade information from Dual Credit instructors?

No, College instructors are required to follow FERPA regulations and release of dual credit student educational information to the parent violates federal law.

How can students view their academic progress and degree plan?

JagNet students have access to DegreeWorks, which is a resource that allows students to monitor their academic progress. DegreeWorks allows you to view your degree plan, view individual course grades, overall GPA, and outlines what courses you need to complete your degree.  

What can students do if they have an issue with the course or instructor?

If there are issues or concerns about a course or an instructor, the student should attempt to resolve the issue with the instructor. If the student and instructor are unable to resolve the matter the student should report this to the dual credit contact and has the right to visit with the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities at South Texas College.