Counseling Team

Counseling Department Mission Statement

The Med High Counselors seek to serve as active participants in building a learning community that emphasizes compassion, unconditional support, and personalized service in order to empower students to reach their academic and personal potential.

Academic Counseling

You and your parents are encouraged to talk with a school counselor, teacher, or principal to learn about course offerings, the graduation requirements of various programs, and early graduation procedures. Each spring, students in grades 9 through 11 will be provided information on anticipated course offerings for the next year and other information that will help them make the most of academic and vocational opportunities. 
To plan for your future, including attendance at a college, university, or training school, as well as pursuing some other type of advanced education, you should work closely with the counselor so that you take the high school courses that best prepare you. The counselor can also provide information about entrance examinations and deadlines for applications, as well as information about automatic admission to state colleges and universities, financial aid, housing, and scholarships. 

Individual Counseling

The school counselors are available to assist students with a wide range of personal concerns, including such areas as social, family, emotional, or substance abuse issues. The counselors may also make available information about community resources to address these concerns. 
Please note: The school will not conduct a psychological examination, test, or treatment without first obtaining your parent's written consent unless required by state or federal law for special education purposes. 

 Counselor Assignments    


 Student Alphabet  Email Address

 Ms. Ezelina Marroquin
 Letters from A-F

 Mrs. Fatima Garza

Letters from  G-N 

Mrs. Lauren F. Payne

Letters from O-Z
Counselor's Secretary            Phone Number        Email Address
 Pat Garcia  956-565-2237
Ext. 3001
 Support Personnel
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 Mrs. Nancy Talavera
Social Worker
Ext. 3012
 Mr. Jonathan Ybarra
Wellness Coordinator