College Preparation


Students who are in the top 10% of their high school graduating class are eligible for automatic admission to any public university in Texas. 
To meet the requirements for automatic admission, you must:

  • Graduate in the top 10% of your class at a public or private high school in Texas, or
  • Graduate in the top 10% of your class from a high school operated by the U.S. Department of Defense and be a Texas resident or eligible to pay resident tuition;
  • Enroll in college no more than two years after graduating from high school; and
  • Submit an application to a Texas public university for admission before the application deadline. (Check with the university for specific deadlines).

The university may review the admitted student’s high school records to determine if the student is prepared for college-level work. If additional preparation is needed, a developmental, enrichment or orientation course prior to the first semester of college may be required.
Admission to a university does not guarantee acceptance into a particular program of study or academic department.

Modifications to UT Austin Automatic Admission 
  • The University of Texas Austin is to automatically admit enough students to fill 75% of available Texas resident spaces.
  • Each fall by September 15 the university will notify Texas school officials of the class rank that current high school juniors need to attain by the end of their junior year in order to be automatically admitted two years out.
  • Current class rank to be automatically admitted: Top 7%