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 Med High's accolades, awards, mission, and beliefs


Med High chosen as a top school
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No Child Left Behind Report Card ..................... 2011 Report Card

Campus TEA Accountability Rating: Exemplary

Med High wins national 2010 Blue Ribbon honors -for high performance

Dept. of Education news release __ TEA news release

Med High named NASSP Breakthrough High School

Rated by U.S. News and World Report as one of the "top high schools in the nation"

Named #2 of ten "miracle high schools" by Newsweek

Our Mission Statement:

The mission of South Texas ISD Health Professions is to provide students with rigorous academic instruction and advanced technical skills that will allow for their successful transition into allied health careers and/or post-secondary education.

We Believe:

  • that the entire community shares the responsibility of promoting the success of the school's mission by creating a support system for all learners;
  • that challenging academics are developed, facilitated, and maintained by the school community across a diverse student population;
  • that a positive and safe school climate is essential to the learning process;
  • that the application of knowledge and skills will be an integral part of our instructional programs;
  • that students and teachers need to become proficient in accessing, evaluating, and using information, resources, and current technology;
  • that students learn in a variety of ways and that classroom instruction and assessment should reflect these individual styles;
  • that personal growth is enhanced by increased self-esteem, cultural awareness through positive relationships, and mutual respect among and between students and staff;
  • that students will participate in a career program which will enable them to successfully transition into higher education and/or the work force;
  • and, that the special needs of each student are identified, addressed, and accommodated.